Sponsor a Child
Change a Life
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Sponsor a Child, Change a Life

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Come and visit | Weekdays 7:30am - 4:30pm | By appointment

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What we do

Holistic education
Qualified teachers teaching age-appropriate curriculum, including a wide range of learning activities, regular outings and lots of play

A safe environment
A physically and emotionally safe space in the context of a small school community

Healthy meals
Every child receives a fortified breakfast, a nutritious lunch and fresh fruit and milk daily

A helping hand
We assist children and families to take advantage of opportunities suited to their individual needs

Why we do it

We believe that God loves the children of the Cape Flats and wants them to have life to the full – both spiritually and in all of life. We also believe that when Cape Flats children experience life it overflows from them to their families and community.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” -Jesus

A Cape Flats Christian School

The Whole Child

There is no one thing that makes a child flourish. Every child needs to eat well, make friends, get exercise, learn to read and write, play, hear stories, have role models, develop character, and be safe. 

10 Formative Years

Walking with children through their formative preschool and primary school years allows us to do the long-term work and discipleship that will shape a child’s future. 

Community Development

Handouts don’t change lives or communities. To see lasting change we must invest in people not only for their lives to be changed but so that they can change the lives of others.

Our Growth Plan

Since starting our preschool in 2012 we have been moving up one grade every year. We reached Grade 1 in 2015 and hope to reach Grade 7 in 2021. We need at least two more buildings to achieve this.