New Campus

2018 UPDATE: We have moved to the new campus as planned. We completed the most urgent renovations before moving, but we are continuing to repair and improve the building and grounds. If you would like to donate to one of the improvement projects, please let us know.

We have run out of space on our current campus, despite every effort to expand. But we are in the process of acquiring a new property nearby. This means moving the whole school! We hope to complete the most urgent renovations so that we can move at the end of the 2017 school year.

The move means that we will have space to expand to Grade 4 in 2018 as planned. There is also space next to the building where we hope to build additional classrooms to go up to Grade 7, as well as a sports field and playground. The additional indoor and outdoor space opens up many doors for expanding and diversifying the school programme.

But it also means that we need to raise a lot of capital over the next 12 months! If you would like to make a contribution, please see our Donate Page for details.