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Parents are worried too!

Covid-19 is scary, not just for our kids, but also for the grown-ups.  If you are experiencing worry, anxiety, sleeplessness or depression due to the extra stress of Coronavirus have a read of this leaflet that can be downloaded right here…

Need More Information?

Stop reading fake news!  Go to the official government portal to learn about ways to tackle the virus, how to spot the symptoms and all the numbers you may need if you want to call somebody.

Coping with Depression

The Interventions Team drew up a guide for people suffering with depression. This helpful booklet will help you to put a few things into practice that may help you get through these stressful days much better.  

Even if  you are not depressed the advice in this booklet will help you to maintain good routines during this lockdown.

If you need somebody to talk to please don’t hesitate to send us a Whatsapp message:  Jaki (079 059 0334) or Yolanda 066 272 5847.

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