Coach a sport

We have 75 students from 4-9 years old. If you can coach a sport or co-curricular activity for some or all of our students on a weekday, please let us know.

Professional Volunteers

If you have a professional skill of any kind that you are willing to volunteer, please let us know so that we can contact you when we are in need of help. Professionals that have assisted us in the past include architects, lawyers, editors, graphic designers, accountants, electricians etc.


If you would like to spend a few months or more with us as part of a gap year, to better understand non-profit work or just to make a difference, talk to us about interning at Trinity Children’s Centre.


Teachers for ECD and Primary School

We are not currently recruiting for any vacancies, but if you are interested in joining our team, you are welcome to send your CV to admin@trinitychildren.org.za