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Apr’19 Newsletter

We had a visit recently from the local office of the Wärtsilä company as a part of their 185th birthday celebration. They brought party packs for the children and made a donation to the school, including a copier (which we urgently needed!) The children had a great time and are becoming used to visitors.
Some are local or international volunteers helping out for a time. Some offer their professional skills to do things like learning barrier assessments. Others come to do parties or programmes or talks. Others yet are builders and engineers, giving advice on how we can expand the school.
This reminded me of a conversation between the founders back in 2011, before TCC had even started. One of our dreams was that TCC would be a platform for many different people to use their skills and resources to invest in children on the Cape Flats. It is such a delight to now see it happening!

In other news:
>We hope to purchase the vacant land next door to us in the next two months, so that we can expand our campus – we are 80% of the way to the target of R1.2 million!
>We are currently working with engineers and an architect to find the best way to add more classrooms for Grade 6 (2020) and Grade 7 (2021).
>Several new sponsors have joined our Sponsor A Child programme in 2019, but we still need many more – please recommend us to your friends!