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TCC Newsletter 2015-04

April’15 Newsletter


“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” (Chinese proverb)
We are well into the second school term of 2015 and our students and teachers are hard at work. We made several changes and additions to our curriculum this year, and we are now beginning to see the fruit of those decisions. Our Grade R and Grade RR classes, for example, have always studied a specific topic every week, ranging from topics like Fruit and Vegetables to Hospitals and Doctors to My Home. But this year we started arranging these weekly topics into overarching themes that we focus on for a whole term. This term’s big theme, This is my Father’s world, focusses on nature with topics on all kinds of animals and plants, as well as the change we are experiencing from autumn to winter. We are deliberately modelling an approach to learning that zooms in on details but also steps back to reflect on the big picture, so that our students can see how all the rich, curious details around them fit together in the grand world that God has made for them to live in. The teachers have found that it is no longer just Bible in “Bible time”, math in “math time” or science in “science time” – instead ideas begin to connect throughout the day.
Local is lekker: In our (first ever) Grade 1 class we are trying out a proudly South African curriculum centred on mostly South African stories. Each week the class reads a book which serves as the platform for diving into science, history, art, social studies, Biblical reflection, poetry and other lessons naturally connected with the story. Instead of experiencing school simply as a ‘shopping list’ of subjects, one after another, our students are experiencing traditional academic disciplines such as geography or biology in a meaningful context.
Reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic: Despite the changes we have also kept parts of the curriculum that are already working well, such as our Singapore Math programme and Letterland reading and writing programme. The combination of these high quality programmes with dedicated teachers is helping our students get a solid footing in numeracy and literacy right from the start of their school career. Get in touch to find out why we treasure learning at TCC and how you can help a child treasure it too.