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Aug’19 Newsletter

Two well known psychologists wrote about the ‘planning fallacy’ – the tendency most of us have to underestimate how long it will take to complete a given task. We’ve seen a lot of empirical evidence of this at TCC. Each step in the growth of the school has been longer and more complex than we anticipated. Very often each step in the growth of a child or family has also taken longer than we expected. Whether or not we will ever unlearn the planning fallacy, we have learned that the key is to keep taking the next step, however long the road turns out to be. Below are a few updates on different aspects of the journey.

Expansion: we are still waiting for our building plans to be approved so that we can expand the school. In the mean time, we have been able to start clearing the grounds and moving our parking area, to make space for the next phase.

Children & families: The children continue to grow and did well overall in the last assessment cycle. This year we have tried to be more strategic with our outings. For example, the Grade 2s visited UCT while learning about education and careers. We want to inspire them to dream big and study hard. We also want inspire their families, so we hosted two workshops this year – one on healthy nutrition and one on healthy relationships – and both were well received by the parents.

Gun violence: The gang violence continues on the Cape Flats. We are thankful that TCC has never been targeted, but the effects on the community are evident, and the children are very aware of it. Even so, we are glad to be here to give children a space where they can just be children, so that they are not robbed of the opportunity to learn and play.

Our challenge every year is to grow our support base as we grow the school. We just about broke even over the first half of the year, for which we are very thankful to the Lord and to our ever-generous donors. But we also desperately need to increase our support base as we move forward.