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TCC Newsletter 2014-08

August’14 Newsletter

Preparations are well underway for our first Grade 1 Class in 2015. We have approval and funding to build three classrooms on a property we acquired during this year. In a meeting with the parents of our soon-to-be Grade 1 class we started working out some of the details, like what uniforms the children will wear and what sports they want to do. We are still looking for a qualified, Christian teacher for the grade 1 class – please pray for the right person to join our team. The children are very excited about going to ‘big school’ – if it were up to them we would just start straight away and they will take turns being the teacher. Our plan is to keep going up one grade every year until we reach Grade 7.

Hardships along the journey: Over the past three years we have been learning that there is far more to educating children than just a child, a teacher and books. Sadly, we have been faced with this reality once more as one of our girls has had to leave the school due to a degenerative illness. Please pray with us for her family for comfort at this time as they come to terms with this difficult reality. It has been a reminder to us that there are many obstacles or difficulties that children may face on their development journey. Pray for wisdom for us as we seek to support and come alongside this family as well as other children and families who are facing very difficult situations.

Outing to the Reptile Garden: This month, after the children learnt all about reptiles, TCC went on an outing to the Reptile Garden! Some were just a little more scared, including teachers, than others. The children and teachers got to see, hold and stroke various snakes, lizards and other interesting reptiles. Some of the braver members of the group even had a python wrapped around them! Teacher Frances, who is our Grade RR teacher, is currently studying ECD Level 5, which will enable her to teach Grade R. The outing formed part of a teaching practical she has just completed in the Grade R class. Continue to pray for our teachers as they serve, care for and teach our children week after week. We are very grateful for their hard work!