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TCC Newsletter 2015-08

August’15 Newsletter

“Why is it that we, the elder, are spared to the world, except to train up and instruct the young? …God has committed to us who are old and experienced the knowledge which is needful for them, and he will require of us a strict account of what we have done with it.” (Martin Luther)

What impact do you hope to have on the generation that will follow you? Could you achieve some of it by partnering with us? Perhaps you are a teacher: we are looking for a Grade 2 teacher for 2016. Perhaps you are gifted at creating connections between people: we need a fundraiser on our team to increase our corporate funding. Perhaps you want to have a deep, lasting and measurable impact on one specific child: 15 of our students still need sponsors to support their education at Trinity Children’s Centre. Our team is working hard to have a deep impact on the next generation – if you know of someone suitable to join our staff team or sponsorship team, please put them in touch with us.

A year’s letters
A whole year has passed since we first started publishing monthly newsletters. Thank you for reading about all that happens here at Trinity Children’s Centre every month. If you have missed any of our letters they are available on our website:
You are also welcome to write back to if you have any comments, questions or ideas. You are also welcome to come visit and see what impact we’re having – make an appointment on 021 007 1960 or