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Dec’19 Newsletter

Grit & gratitude

2019 has been a full year at Trinity Children’s Centre, and since our last newsletter the fourth term has come and gone in a flash, including:

  • Completion of a mini-sports field (bottom right)
  • Our annual Year End Celebration, where we reflected on the year and thanked those who contributed in various ways
  • Our third parent workshop for the year (top right)
  • A Grade R graduation ceremony
  • The “Trin-ac-ity” musical, performed by the Grade 4 & 5 classes (top left)
  • Receiving Christmas shoebox gifts from Holy Trinity for all 105 of our students (bottom left)
  • Our students hosting a fun day on our new sports field for a neighbouring crèche
  • Approval of a grant that will cover the full cost of renovating our building and adding more classrooms

Seeing so many things come together at the end of the year fills us with gratitude – to the Lord and to all those who are investing their time, energy, money and prayers into TCC. It also shows the value of grit – of sticking to something day in and day out until the goal is achieved. Sometimes a big thing happens at TCC out of the blue and we stand amazed, but more often months or years of work lie behind each significant step.

The same is true of our students. At the end of each year we are so proud of their progress in life and learning, and grateful to see them overcome all kinds of adversity. And we see again the fruit of daily teaching and helping and guiding and loving the children and their families through the valleys and over the mountains. As we close for the year, we want to say a final word of thanks to the network of supporters that make this possible and wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year.