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TCC Newsletter 2016-02

Feb’16 Newsletter


“When you stop and look, you are faced with your smallness, your weakness, and your limits.
But don’t get discouraged and don’t panic; reality is a healthy place to be.” – Paul Tripp
To keep children safe and meet their needs, to teach them and guide them, to understand who they are and how to unfold their potential… I am continually surprised at the energy and wisdom and creativity required to work with children in this way. I am also continually surprised (though I shouldn’t be) when I realise that no one person has what it takes. No one person has all the answers or all the skills or all the energy that children need – no matter how much he or she may wish that they did.
Fortunately, we do not work alone. Though February has been a demanding month at TCC, I have also seen how those demands can be met by people working together. Sometimes it’s teachers sharing ideas and resources and encouraging stories with each other. Sometimes it’s the school and a family discussing how to help a child through a tough time. Sometimes it’s a volunteer offering a unique skill that no one on staff has. Sometimes it’s a colleague from another school sharing their knowledge. Hundreds of small moments of cooperation like these make it possible, despite the obvious limits of each individual, to invest more into the lives of our students than any one of us could hope to do on our own.
Work with us
We have been committed, since we began in 2012, to add new students and a new grade every year until we reach Grade 7. To do this we need to continually expand the network of sponsors, volunteers and staff who work together to make TCC a reality. You can help us expand our support network by promoting TCC in your circles, such as your church or office or friends.
If you are interested in promoting TCC in any form, we want to meet with you! Come to a meeting at TCC on 12th March or contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our board members:

Promoting Trinity Children’s Centre
– Discussion, resources and training for highlighting TCC in your circles –
Sat 12th March at 3pm | RSVP to
Trinity Children’s Centre (9 Clairwood Crescent, Beacon Valley)