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Feb’17 Newsletter

“We show up. We do our best. Good things happen.” – Steven Pressfield
Steven Pressfield writes as an author to other authors about “The Resistance” – the sense that when we attempt meaningful work we almost inevitably come up against frustration, difficulty and doubt. His remedy, for authors and anyone else facing an uphill battle, is that we must begin by counting the cost and making an inner commitment to overcome the Resistance. And then we must act accordingly – we must show up day after day and push through the difficulty.
Hearing about this made me think of the people I’ve seen pushing through frustrations and challenges recently. I thought of some of the parents I’ve interacted with recently at TCC. Some are under great financial strain, but they do all they can to provide for their children. Others are physically and emotionally exhausted from difficult work or life circumstances, but they are trying to push through these things to be the kind of parents they want to be for their children.
I also thought of a few specific students, who are finding either their school work or just everyday life especially challenging at the moment. While we can offer support and teaching and encouragement, it is ultimately the student who has to “show up” in body and in mind to do the hard work of learning. And I’m encouraged to see that most of the time, they do.
But the people I thought of most were the teachers. Every day they show up in class to teach, behind desks to prepare, in relationships to encourage and mentor students, in the staff team to support one another and in prayer for the children and their families.
So pray that throughout 2017 parents, students, teachers and everyone else involved in TCC will continue to show up, will be empowered to give their best, and that good things will indeed happen.