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TCC Newsletter 2016-01

Jan’16 Newsletter


“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.”
– James Comer

Two and a half weeks ago we were all but overrun by the energy of 60 bright faces eager to start the new school year. As the dust settled and classes got underway I began to wonder… what are they here for? What is ‘school’?
Is a school a factory? Do we receive children as ‘raw materials’ to work on using this or that process or technique? Our campus certainly looked like a busy factory floor this month as we rushed about getting everything up and running. And like a factory, we want to ensure that we are efficient with resources and effective at what we do. Yet, we cannot think of ourselves in terms of conveyer belts and cogs because we see every day how differently every child grows and develops into his or her own special version of maturity.
So perhaps a school is more like a nursery, where we create a rich environment full of vital truths and practices and attitudes for children to absorb. Indeed, the learning we see in the children is like that of trees: gradual but unmistakeable. But there’s more to it.
A school is a community, a place defined by the people and their relationships.. But not just any community. A school is a learning community – a community of teachers and learners brought together by their common pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and understanding in God’s Word and God’s world. That’s what these children (and teachers) are here for – to be part of this learning community, to be treated like real, important people learning real, important things. Please pray for Trinity Children’s Centre to be a place of learning and of community this year.