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TCC Newsletter 2017-01

Jan’17 Newsletter


Change & Continuity
Has 2017 brought a wave of change to your life? It has come with a number of changes here at Trinity Children’s Centre. We have two new staff members and 19 new students (plus families), each with his or her own personality and story to contribute to our school community. We have a new grade – Grade 3 – in a new classroom. From the children’s perspective the biggest change is that they are entering new grades with many new things to learn. Indeed, many of our four year olds have been walking around with a mix of curiosity and trepidation in their big eyes, since for many this is their first time in school. Our teachers can relate somewhat, since most of them have moved to a new grade this year and are adapting to the change in stride. Over and above all this, the school is now a bit bigger and a bit busier.
Yet there is also continuity. We are still the same people in the same place for the same purpose. We still believe that holistic education, a safe environment, healthy meals and individualised assistance will make a difference in the lives of children at risk. Our oldest students are still the very same students we launched with in 2012, though many more have been added since. While each year brings change – perhaps because each year brings change – we have found that there is great value in long term consistency.
One of the many mysteries of school is that it is a place devoted to change – to helping children learn and grow and change – but that we pursue that change through continuity: continuity of the relationships and values and community and practices that make us who we are. If you pray for TCC, please pray that we will see the lives of students changed this year. Indeed, pray that TCC will change with them as we learn and grow and innovate. But pray also for continuity – that the consistency with which we walk alongside children in need year after year will impact them forever.