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TCC Newsletter 2015-01

January’15 Newsletter


New mercies every January:  One of the many joys of an educator’s life is that there are so many new beginnings. We have started our fourth school year and we are grateful to God for a good start to a new year of learning and growing and enjoying life. We have welcomed 17 new children into our little school community, most of whom are only four years old and are attending school for the first time. We have been amazed at how some have embraced this new phase in their lives with open arms, while other children have been rather nervous about all these new friends and teachers.

Our 28 returning students have also had mixed responses to being back: they are happy to see their friends and teachers and to be learning new things, but after the holidays some of us are having a hard time staying awake in class and obeying our teachers. Nevertheless, our returning students have  taken on the new challenges of moving up to Grade R and Grade 1 with courage and enthusiasm. It is a delight to see them gradually growing in maturity, and it has reminded us again how important it is to get involved in a child’s life for a long time if you really want to see fruit from your labours.

If you have been reading our newsletters for a while you may be wondering about the classrooms we were building last year. They were finished just in time for the children to come, and now that they are full of children they feel truly complete (even though we are still adding some finishing touches).

Last but certainly not least, we are thrilled to have three new staff members on our team: a Grade R teacher, a Grade R assistant and a Grade 1 teacher.  Despite being plunged into the deep end, they are teaching and loving their hearts out and we are grateful for the new energy and ideas they are bringing to the mix. Please pray for the staff and students as we build on this wonderful start to the new year.