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TCC Newsletter 2015-07

July’15 Newsletter


“…it is easy to ask trivial questions… It is also easy to ask impossibly difficult questions. The trick is to find the medium questions that can be answered and that take you somewhere.” (Jerome Bruner)

Meeting one another’s needs
Last term we focused on nature and what we could learn from plants and animals and the rest of the natural world. This term we are taking a closer look at the society we live in and asking the question, “How do we meet each other’s needs?” We started off with doctors, dentists, nurses and hospitals. What needs do these people meet? How do they meet them? Can we help to meet these needs? Next we’ll think about the clothes we wear, the transport we use, the shops we buy from and the schools we attend, to find out what needs these meet and how they meet people’s needs. We’ve also invited the children’s family members to come share with the children the jobs they do and how their jobs meet people’s needs. Our first visitor was a police sergeant, who explained that his job is about protecting people and meeting our need for safety.

Sponsors needed!
The commitment of ‘ordinary people’ to change the life of just one child has been key to TCC’s success over the last four years. Our Sponsor-a-Child programme is simply about people who commit to pray for a child and to make monthly contributions toward their education. Not all our students have sponsors at the moment, and next week we are opening our 2016 student applications. We would love to have a sponsor for every child to keep our work sustainable – if you would like to sponsor a child, or know of someone who may want to, please contact us or follow the three steps below.