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TCC Newsletter 2015-06

June’15 Newsletter


“Experiential Learning” is how everybody learns until taught to do otherwise!
(Amy Imbody, Lorien Wood School)

With Google, YouTube and Instagram at our fingertips we adults can sometimes forget what it is like to experience real things – things that move or breath or bark! But the thrill of seeing something new, something you have never experienced before, is written on the faces of our students when we get the opportunity to do something different. One such opportunity recently was when the students were learning about pets in class and a friend came to demonstrate her guide dog’s training. We saw first-hand how Phoebe leads her owner around obstacles and how diligently Phoebe responds to her owner’s commands.

The next week, when our youngest students were learning about wild animals, they went to the Cheetah Outreach in Somerset West. They heard all about the unique features that make cheetahs so fast, but also learned that, unlike Phoebe, wild animals don’t demonstrate their skills on demand. Our Grade R and Grade 1 students, in turn, were invited by our friends at Grace Primary School to join them for a bird and snake show, which had the kids alternating between oooh’s and aahh’s and eek’s!

Earlier in the year we also made trips to the local post office and to Green Point Park. Our aim is to take every class on at least one outing per term, so if you would like to arrange or sponsor an outing let us know! To those who are praying for us, please pray that all these learning opportunities will help our students develop a big view of the world we live in and the God who created it.