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Mar-Apr’17 Newsletter

“I think that playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends.” Kate Spade

To celebrate World Book Day we invited our students to dress up as characters they like. The students also got to swap classrooms for a while and hear stories from each other’s teachers. While taking photos it was surprising to see how a costume could turn an otherwise rather shy child into a bold one for the day.

It is not unlike the ‘lab coat study’ two psychologists did: they found that they could increase the concentration and attention of people in their experiment simply by giving them a lab coat to wear. If clothing can affect how we think about ourselves and how we act, it raises an interesting question: Do other everyday things have the same effect?

For example, are children influenced by seeing friendly, familiar faces all day rather than strangers? We haven’t run any experiments, but we think so. One of the strengths of a small school community with small classes is that our students know every person they meet during the day, and those people know them and are happy to see them.

What about the spaces we inhabit? Do tidy classrooms and flowering gardens and well-maintained buildings affect how children see themselves? Yes, we think so. We think people matter more than buildings, but we nevertheless want to make our campus as attractive and pleasing as we can with the resources we have. And you can help! Sign up for our Volunteer Day on Saturday, 20 May, and come get your hands dirty as we clean, fix and paint at TCC. Simply email us at