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TCC Newsletter 2015-05

“Your student is not a mere brain-on-a-stick” Steve Kaufmann, Professor of Education
It is easy to think that education is all about books and blackboards and to forget that students also have bodies. A healthy body and a healthy mind should go together. And there are many ways to help children have healthy, growing bodies at school:

A healthy, growing body needs to exercise. During break times and in the afternoons our students have plenty of time to play and run and enjoy being active in our playgrounds. Once a week a volunteer coach also comes to develop the children’s balance, ball skills, spatial awareness and all-round awesomeness.
A healthy, growing body needs to be safe. If our physical bodies are important, then the physical places we are in with those bodies become important. We want our campus to be a safe, welcoming place for our students.
A healthy, growing body needs to eat. One of our four key services, made possible through the Sponsor-a-Child programme, is the meals we provide. All our students have a fortified porridge when they arrive in the morning, a cooked lunch in the afternoon and sandwiches, fruit and milk at break times. Our lunch menu was developed by a dietician and includes meals like lentil and pumpkin bake, breyani, chicken and veg and tuna pie.
Keep praying for the progress and growth of the centre and of all the little bodies running around here.