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TCC Newsletter 2016-05

May’16 Newsletter


“I am interested in teachers’ way of being with their students. Though it might strike you as strange, I believe that it is this mode of relating that constitutes the curriculum.”
Doug Blomberg, Professor of Philosophy of Education

The 2016 TCC Open Day
A photo of a person is still a photo and not a person. A letter about a school is still a letter and not the school itself. So whilst we try to write newsletters that give a taste of what TCC is about, they cannot compare to visiting in person. That’s why we hosted an Open Day two weeks ago, where guests could experience TCC for themselves.

School on a Saturday? To really experience TCC, our guests needed to meet the students and interact with them in class. But this is the first time we’ve “had school” on a Saturday, so we were not sure whether the students would come. As it turns out, virtually all our students were there – they loved spending more time at school. But whether that’s because they enjoy school or were excited to meet the visitors we can’t tell!

Parent testimonies. Another highlight at the Open Day was the testimonies from parents. One mom emphasised the change in her son’s character while a dad shared how his son joining TCC started off a series of changes in his whole family. We also enjoyed having several parents working alongside the staff and board to host the Open Day.

As Professor Blomberg says, TCC is ultimately a group of people (children, teachers, parents, supporters, volunteers etc.) and our “way of being with” each other. The Open Day was an opportunity to come “be with” us and we look forward to many more. If you missed the Open Day, but would like to bring a friend and visit on a school day, let us know.