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May’17 Newsletter

“True leadership starts with a purpose, not a plan.”
Albert Mohler
If you have been following our news, you will know that we are bursting at the seams on our current campus and that we are pursuing an opportunity to move to a bigger property. The negotiations are ongoing, but at the moment it looks like we are about R400 000 short of what we will need. If you know someone who could donate, put us in touch or download and send our flyer from We can’t do what we do without more space.
But I have also felt torn about all the time this property pursuit is taking – surely building a school is about more than buildings? We need to build relationships and our school culture and community. It’s about teachers and learners and a way of being together that cannot be bought nor measured.
So should we focus on acquiring buildings or building relationships? Neither really, and yet both. Neither in the sense that neither buildings nor relationships are built for the sake of building them – they are created because of a shared vision of the future. We believe in the children and in what they can become. That is the focus, but because of that we also need to work hard at building the relationships and acquiring the buildings that will help them get there.
There is much to be learned from the children in this regard. They use the buildings and playgrounds and they engage in relationships with the teachers and one another, but they don’t seem to overthink these things. They take them as they come and get on with their main business: learning and playing! Pray that we would be equally devoted to our main business – that of investing in the children – even while we work hard to put together all the pieces needed for a school.