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May’19 Newsletter


On behalf of everyone at Trinity Children’s Centre, we want to thank everyone who contributed to the TCC Soccer Challenge – the pro players, the teams from Coronation, ISquared and Old Mutual, the TCC team, the volunteers, the referee, the MC, the event coordinator, the spectators and everyone else who was there.

We held the event to raise awareness about TCC and to raise funds for a sports field of our own. We are committed to doing holistic education and would like to make a formal sports programme a part of that. We now have the space, and we have eager young players. The next step is to create the field.

This is a part of our larger plan to grow the school up to Grade 7 and complete our campus by 2021 – please keep us in your prayers and spread the word.


>We received the R1.2 million required to purchase the property we need! We have signed the sale agreement and await the transfer.

>We are still working on the expansion plans to add classrooms up to Grade 7. We hope to share these plans soon.

>Three new sponsors have joined our Sponsor-a-Child programme in the last month, but we still need many more – please recommend us to your friends!