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TCC Newsletter 2015-11

Nov/Dec’15 Newsletter

Ready or not… Grade 2 is coming

How do you know what something is worth? Often we state something’s worth in terms of the price we are willing to pay for it. How about people? Perhaps we can measure what a person is worth to us by what we are willing to do for them. This has been our experience with our soon-to-be Grade 2s.

Every year we need to find another teacher, prepare another classroom, build more furniture, design new curriculum, stretch our budget and adjust the school programme, so that our pioneer class can keep moving up grade by grade. As we do, we invariably ask, “Is it worth it?”

And invariably the answer is, “Yes, they are.”  The enthusiastic teacher, the new paint drying on the classroom walls, the curriculum materials arriving in the post – these all remind us that these children are worth all the time and energy we can muster.

Old Mutual Fun Day

Last week nine volunteers from Old Mutual came to teach our students about team work. Under the guidance of the volunteers, groups of students had to complete five challenges that all required team work to succeed. The day was both fun and educational – for children and adults alike by all accounts!

If you too would like to volunteer at TCC as a group or as an individual, let us know.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters

On November 5th we hosted our fourth annual Year End Celebration to thank our sponsors, staff, volunteers and everyone else that has contributed to Trinity Children’s Centre this year. We can hardly believe that we are wrapping up our fourth year, and we want to express our heartfelt thanks again to all who make TCC possible. We are also thankful for several new sponsors who signed up this month, and for those who connected them to us. Don’t stop spreading the word though – we have 15 new children joining us in January, who will all need sponsors.