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November’14 Newsletter

TCC Newsletter 2014-11

Exploring God’s world: A key component of what we offer children at Trinity Children’s Centre is holistic education. Like a puzzle, there are many ‘pieces’ that contribute to a holistic education. One of these pieces is experiential learning – the opportunity for the children to see the world beyond Beacon Valley. We take the children on an outing at
least once a term, and this term we had the opportunity to go to Eagle Encounters in Stellenbosch. The children got to see numerous birds of prey, some interesting reptiles as well as a porcupine who took intense interest in the children! The children even got to hold a Spotted Eagle Owl and to watch with baited breath as Yellow-billed Kites, American
Black Vultures and a Jackal Buzzard flew between them, catching food mid-air or diving down to grab “Fluffy,” the fake rat.

A visit from the Hearing Clinic: As we walk with children in their developmental journey we see time and again the many obstacles children may face along the way. A slight loss of hearing is not an uncommon obstacle and this can have a very negative affect on a child’s ability to learn. Earlier this month the Hearing Clinic came to Trinity Children’s Centre to screen the
hearing of all our Grade R children before they take their next step into primary school. The children had to wear a set of earphones and listen very carefully. Whenever they heard a ‘beep’ they had to clap their hands. Needless to say, they had lots of fun! This proved a useful exercise as some of the children do have slight hearing difficulties
which we and their parents can now work to address.