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Oct’17 Newsletter

In our last newsletter we announced that TCC will be moving to a new campus. This is a huge step in the life of the school and today we want to give a bit more detail for two reasons: so that you can pray for us and so that you know how you can get involved.

(Tentative) Timeline

October. We are still waiting for the transfer process, but we expect to take occupation soon. Our immediate priority is to ensure the security of the building.

November. The building used to be a community centre and will require some minor renovations to convert into a school. We also need to raise additional funding to complete the renovations.

December. The children finish school on Tuesday, 5 December. If all goes well we will use the rest of that week (6-8 Dec) to move. We can then begin the new school year in the new building.


There are three rooms already big enough to serve as classrooms. In these we need to replace the carpets with suitable flooring. There is a set of five small offices that we plan to combine into two classrooms. Finally there is a area adjoining the hall that we can enclose to form a sixth classroom. In addition to this we need to install security measures, adjust some of the lighting and electrics and do some general maintenance, cleaning and painting. The bathrooms may also need some repair.

What can you do?

  1. We would like to raise R400 000 for the renovations – if you want to contribute or connect us with someone who can, please get in touch.
  2. We’ll arrange a tour of the new building as soon as we can – bring a friend to come see it.
  3. If you would like to volunteer, let us know what skills you have.