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TCC Newsletter 2016-09

Sep’16 Newsletter


What are you thankful for?
A historical debate emerged last week between a few of our older students. They have been at TCC since we started in 2012 and they were trying to recall which teachers they had had in various grades, where their classrooms had been and which new classmates they had accumulated each year. I suppose four or five years is an awfully long time for 7 and 8 year olds to think back, because we had to dig through the photo archives to settle the debate. Despite making me feel a little old, recounting the past was a delight, because it showed how much we had to be thankful for. Day to day we tend to think mostly about the mountains ahead that we still need to climb, but today we would like to share a few things we are thankful for:
Brick and mortar
We are thankful for our steadily growing campus. Every year we add a grade to the school, which means that every year we have to find another classroom. Although this has been stressful, it has grown our faith. A current Grade 1 student told me that she remembers how we woke her up from a nap when she was in preschool to go see the builders working on what is now her classroom. (See our Oct ‘14 Newsletter!)
The Motley Crew
From a starting team of two staff members and two volunteers we’ve grown to a staff team of 12 supported by a number of volunteers, partners and advisors. We’re thankful that the Lord has sent people to us with a variety of personalities, experiences and skills, but the same heart for children. (See our July ‘16 Newsletter!)
Today we had our fifth annual Mini-Olympics – one of many events that have become tradition at TCC. We’re thankful that we have opportunities to invest into our students’ lives as we share such daily, weekly and annual events with them. (See our Sept ’15 Newsletter!)
Please pray for us that we will continue to be thankful, and that we will teach our students to be thankful also.