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Sep’19 Newsletter

We often use the line “bright futures begin here” because it expresses many of the things that matter to us: “bright”, because we see great potential in our students; “futures”, because our focus is on preparing them for what lies ahead; “begin here”, because we believe TCC has a significant role to play in setting a trajectory for our students.

We try to build this into the fabric of the school wherever we can, including the curriculum. Continuing with their unit on careers, our Grade 2 students set up their own pretend businesses to better understand entrepreneurship. Similarly, our ECD classes have been learning about different people who help us, like firefighters and doctors and dentists, so that they can think about how they can help others one day.

Our preparations for the more immediate future are also progressing. We have set up a temporary classroom for our soon-to-be Grade 6 students, since our building plans for the new classrooms have not yet been approved. We are also working on a small sports field, so that we can give the children more sporting opportunities.

Please continue to pray for peace and safety in the community, for the ongoing development of the school and, most importantly, for bright futures for our students and all those they will one day impact.

Next event:
Year End Celebration
Watch this space for details.

Please pray for:
Approval of funding and plans so that we can grow TCC to full size.

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