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Newsletter 2014-09

September’14 Newsletter

Pit Stops: In motorsports, a pit stop is where a race car pulls off during a race for refuelling, new tyres or any other adjustments that will help the racer do his best during the race.

Similarly, we have found that children need pit stops now and then to ensure that they keep getting as much as possible from their education. For example, a child who has experienced a traumatic event may struggle emotionally – the right pit stop for her may be with a play therapist. For another child with low muscle tone we may arrange an assessment with an occupational therapist, who will then develop an exercise programme that the child can do at home and at school.

The most common pit stop we offer is focussed one-on-one learning sessions with Teacher Yolanda for any children who seem to be struggling in particular learning areas. Though the pit stops take different forms, the aim is always to get the child back in the race, confident and ready to learn.

A month of birthdays: September is a big month as far as birthdays go at TCC—we had plenty to celebrate. A birthday celebration at TCC involves all the staff and children getting together to sing and share a cake with the birthday boy or girl, complete with a custom-made birthday crown.

Birthdays are a big deal for our children and we want each child to feel valued and for them to know that they are special! We thank God for each child He has brought to the school and we pray that they will come to know new life through Christ.

Connecting with parents: Once a term we host a meeting to connect with the children’s parents and guardians. We value the partnership we have with the children’s families and we strive to empower and equip them whenever we can. One way we do this is by inviting guest speakers to our parent meetings, who address critical issues with the parents Biblically and practically. This term a local pastor, who grew up on the Cape Flats himself, spoke to the families about raising children well when you live in a violent community. There has been a dramatic increase in gang violence in Beacon Valley over the past twelve months, so please continuing praying for wisdom and strength for the parents and guardians who need to raise their children in difficult circumstances.