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TCC Newsletter 2015-09

September’15 Newsletter

Trinity Circus 2015
It has become a tradition at Trinity Children’s Centre to host a circus once a year. It could be argued that we do so every day, but (jokes aside) this is a special opportunity for every child to practice and perform an act for their peers. This year we had acrobats, clowns, magicians and a menagerie of performing “animals” in the show. The children’s families helped them decide what they would be and to get a costume together. The teachers helped them work out and practice their acts. But the children were the stars of the show.
A volunteer, who had grown up in a similar community, was watching the show and he helped me understand the importance of this by pointing out how formative such an experience of approval is for children. Childhood is ultimately made up of hundreds and hundreds of little experiences. And though we won’t remember them all, these experiences add up and impact our lives. So even something as simple as letting children prepare their circus acts, perform them in the show, and be applauded and cheered by their friends and teachers makes a difference in the end.